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Robe PAINTE Compact Moving Light
Robe has launched the PAINTE , among its new products for 2022 , a compact moving light designed to deliver a quiet , quality profile solution for short- to medium-throw scenarios in theatrical , television , installation , live , or corporate settings .
The 12,000-lumen fixture output has a sparkling , clear white light , with a wide array of colours via the advanced CMY colour mixing system . Designed for noise-sensitive environments , the PAINTE features a TE 310W HP White LED engine from Robe ’ s Transferable Engine technology range , and a motorised 8- to 48-degree zoom , which is ideal for a wide range of short- to medium-throw applications and more . For more information , contact Robe North America : 954-680-1901 , info @ robelighting . com , www . robelighting . com .
Luminex GigaCore 30i
Martin ELP PAR Static Wash & ERA 150 Wash
Martin Professional , a Harman Professional Solutions brand , has introduced the ERA 150 Wash moving-head and ELP PAR static LED wash . These new fixtures – designed for rentals , installs , and touring – produce lumen output with high-intensity zoom , full-gamut colour calibration , and rigging and control functions .
The ERA 150 Wash , the successor to Martin ’ s Rush MH 6 moving-head LED , delivers 3,900 lumens , twice the brightness of its predecessor , with its newly-engineered 7 x 40W RGBW light engine and optical system . The ELP PAR , a successor to the Rush PAR 2 static LED , outputs 3,500 lumens , twice the output of the previous model , thanks to the same new light engine and optical system
The ERA 150 Wash and ELP PAR feature full-gamut color-calibration systems , allowing consistent colour reproduction from fixture to fixture and support a dedicated colour temperature control channel for adjusting the colour space from the desired colour temperature .
For more information , contact HPC : 800-268-8147 , info @ hpc . jamindustries . com , hpc . jamindustries . com .
Luminex has introduced the GigaCore 30i , its new 10Gb Ethernet switch dedicated to AV integration , installation , and touring .
With its 10Gb connectivity , the GigaCore 30i allows full network convergence of lighting control , audio , intercom , and compressed video . Pre-configured Quality of Service ( QoS ), IGMP multicast , and PTPv2 settings assure a responsive and extremely stable network environment for emanding time-critical audio protocols like Dante , AES67 , Q-SYS , and many others , without the need for any IT knowledge , according to the company .
For more information , contact A . C . Lighting : 416-255-9494 , northamerica @ aclighting . com , www . aclighting . com .
Vari-Lite VL1600 Profile
Vari-Lite , a Signify entertainm ent lighting brand , has introduced the VL1600 Profile , an advanced moving head profile luminaire designed specifically for theatrical key lighting applications . The new fixture brings a high CRI tunable white source and the same CMY colour mixing system found in the VL2600 Profile , along with a feature set targeting theatrical productions , TV studios , and productions , opera houses , music halls , and performing arts centres .
One of the key features in the VL1600 Profile is the Vari * frost adjustable frost system . It provides designers with a seamless graduated frost that diffuses the entire aperture e at once , allowing for very light image and edge softening all the way to the heaviest wash diffusion , while always maintaining an even frost across the entire beam , according to the company . The VL1600 Profile also brings several other features that open creative possibilities for theatrical lighting designers . The exclusive VL * FX wheel , first seen on the VL10 Beamwash , has been updated on the VL1600 with animations designed to replicate natural lighting effects such as fire , water , and earth tones . To simplify startup and minimize movement , the V * Track Calibration system calibrates pan and tilt on the fixture in less time and with less potential for damage to the rig or hanging scenery .
For more information , contact Vari-Lite : 214-647-7880 , www . vari-lite . com .
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